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Hair Extentions: Hair extensions, as their name suggests, are sections of hair added to your own natural hair, giving it added volume and length, even changing its style.Glue-ins start at $5.00 a track, and sew-ins at $10.00. You are required to bring your own hair in most cases. Full weaves start at $165.00

Weaves:  We sell weave here for great prices.  A bundle averages to about $150. All hair is human which includes 100% Remy, 100% Virgin, 100% Luxury and 100% satisfaction. We have all different lengths as well. You must preorder; however it is same day service.

Scalp treatments are great for problem scalp starting at $15.00. Most scalp problems come from scalp not being cleansed from oils and sprays and build-up . This procedure can give your scalp and hair a great new start from just one treatment.

Colors: Highlight , rinses , special effects all done here. We can fix a not so good experience also.

Braiding: Braiding and weaves are all the rage now, but depending on type of braid, length and materials chosen, we have a stylist here to give you HAIR TO PLEASE YOU.

Wedding parties: With a deposit*, you can have our stylist give you the day you dreamed with the style and professional service to make your day special.  *DEPOSITS are non-refundable; however, it is used towards your party payment.

Hair straightener: A hair straightening process is one of our Signature procedures. We can press your hair with a hot comb or chemically straighten you hair.

Press and Curl: NON-chemical procedure, hot comb technique done professionally.

Fashion Colors/Party Colors/Bleaching/Hair Lightening: Hair is made lighter by changing part or all of the melanin pigment in the cortex into a colorless substance. The melanin is not washed out of the hair – it is changed chemically, and the change cannot be reversed. :They contain oxidising agents, like those in neutralising lotions for perms, in alkaline solution. The bleach most commonly used is hydrogen peroxide.

Children’s hairstyles: There are now a wide range of kid’s hairstyles available. Many parents when choosing a hairstyle for their child will certainly more often choose the one which is the easiest to manage. This is particularly so during school time, However there are many kid’s hairstyles which are both trendy as well as easy to manage.

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